Takes the guess work, record keeping
and human error off the table!

Controls who fills cylinders.

Only those authorized by owner can access fill system. Unauthorized operators are kept out of the refilling system.

Monitors cylinder pressure compatibility.

Checks cylinder pressures within refill system and compares them to each other. No more blown shear discs when 2.2/4.5/5.5 cylinders are mixed in one run.

Inspects cylinder manufacturing date.

State of Texas

Checks cylinder manufactured date and calculates 15/20/30 year maximum life as applicable. Will not fill cylinders past their expiration date.

Inspects last hydrostatic test date.

Confirms cylinders were hydrostatically tested within 5-years. Will not fill cylinders past their hydrostatic test date.

Fills only to cylinder rated pressure.

Backs up system regulator, stopping the refilling process when cylinders have met their rated pressure. No over pressurizing to speed up the fill process or due to operator error.

Records the fill session, for DOT & NFPA.

Records all necessary agency required information, including fill date, operators name, last hydrostatic test, manufacturers date and filled to pressure. Reports via email & Web.

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